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Selena Miller, also known as MeMoonlight The Loc Whisperer, which means “a light in the midst of darkness”, is the proud owner of Loc Art Hair Studio in Stone Mountain, Ga. For 21 years, Selena has been on her own Loc journey, discovering what works and what doesn’t. This journey lead her to take the plunge of becoming a Loctician and eventually, a Loc Trainer, to share her expertise with others seeking the same career path. In January of 2014, she pursued the path of education by attaining a professional license as a Cosmetologist from Proway Cosmetology School in order to provide the optimum natural hair care experience. Pursuing an education at Proway helped her realize the lack of structure when it came to natural hair care, and in building a solid foundation of properly caring for Locs. This is why Selena choose the path of creating a structured Loc Class for future Locticians seeking to become the best at their craft by not only learning the best techniques, but also providing the ultimate hair care experience for their clients.

Signup for her Loc Art Hair Class today, and begin learning the proper techniques and care for natural hair.

#EATSLEEPWALKLOCS  – Twisting is risky. Locs not knots. Interlocking plots…

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Eboni Parker


E. Celeste


Celeste is the Loc Whisperer’s daughter. She has been exposed to the root wrap technique ever since she was a little girl. Healthy hair has been a foundation in her home. She is a new Mother and stepping into her journey into womanhood. She is the newest member to the Loc Art team and extremely excited to be working with her Mother. She would love to be a part of your evolving Loc journey. Thank you for choosing Loc Art Hair Studio for your Loc journey.

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Kadisha Jones


Loc Impress


Loc Impress has been doing natural hair and Locs for 6 years. She started as a client at Loc Art, and then after learning the root wrap technique, became the Loctician with the fastest growing clientele. She also specializes in Faux Locs. She truly enjoys educating her new clients and looks forward to being a part of your Loc journey. Thank you for choosing Loc Art Hair Studio for your Loc journey.


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Stephanie Brooks


The Loc MD


Stephanie has been doing natural hair since she was a teen. She became a Loctician after coming to Loc Art Studio when her Locs were severely damaged by palm rolling. She was so intrigued by the root wrap technique that she trained under the Master, Selena Miller, The Loc Whisperer. She became one of the first instructors and is passionate about helping others have healthy Locs. She looks forward to creating a peaceful spa like environment for your Locs. Thank you for choosing Loc Art Hair Studio for your Loc journey.

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Fahtima Shabazz


Tima Locs


Fahtima Shabazz’s Loc journey started when she moved to Decatur, GA. She met Selena Miller, The Loc Whisperer, and Selena became her family’s Loctician. In 2008 Fahtima decided to start offering Loc maintenance after The Loc Whisperer taught her the root wrap technique. When The Loc Whisperer started the Loc Art Studio, Fahtima incorporated her 20 years of medicine and 10 years of business experience and became one of her Locticians and business manager. Fahtima became one of the first instructors and is excited to share her knowledge and her journey. Thank you, for choosing Loc Art Hair Studio for your Loc journey.

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Thembi Mincey


Noma LoveLocs


Noma LoveLocs born and raised in Detroit, and introduced to natural and holistic living at an early age. The eighth of ten children, Noma and her siblings were raised vegan while being taught to embrace their natural hair and take pride in identifying with their authentic selves. She watched her mother nurture her Locs of over 25 years and knew that she too would love to experience the beautiful and enriching journey herself.


Noma LoveLocs began her natural hair journey in 2002 and finally started her Loc journey in the summer of 2006. With little experience nurturing her natural hair, she started off palm rolling, interlocking and twisting her Locs, which eventually caused thinning and damage to her roots. After attempting many different techniques to cultivate thick and healthy Locs, Noma became frustrated with her unsuccessful results.


Relocating to Atlanta in late 2007 proved fortunate for Noma when she later met her now good friend and mentor, The Loc Whisperer. They had an instant connection and eventually developed a genuine bond as Noma was taken under her wing. She was taught new and flawless techniques to cultivate strong, healthy Locs and has even developed all natural hair care products of her own. With over two years at Loc Art Healthy Hair Studio, Noma LoveLocs’ passion for healthy, natural hair care is evident and cherished by a well-rounded, diverse clientele. Thank you for choosing Loc Art Hair Studio for your Loc journey.


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Deseree Dennery



678 365 5765

Deseree Sun Dennery is an artist that has done work in the fashion beauty and music field for over 25 years. She has styled and done makeup on several music videos. She has also done hair artistry, nail art and styled for several fashion shows, and photo shoots. Deseree has worked on magazine and album covers. Ms. Dennery is an artist and has several art/music exhibitions and can create anything from henna body art, to sculptures, acrylic paintings, one of a kind jewelry and other fashionable pieces. Deseree believes that health and beauty go hand in hand and from this belief created Healthick. Healthick is a program that teaches how to cook healthy meals along with a dance workout schedule. This also includes replacing everyday beauty products with natural products created by Deseree. Her motto is “be who you are”… You can find Deseree at Loc Art Healthy Hair Studio.


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Shan Chandler




PureBeautifly believes being natural makes your beauty fly. She is a Master Cosmetologist, Barber, and Loctician. It is her mission to offer and provide the best services and provide an everlasting enjoyable experience for you.

She is very passionate about the art of healing, growth, and all of life’s journey. She believes in being creative, powerful, and having a loving energy.  She truly thanks Selena Y. Miller, The Loc Whisperer for starting the Loc Art movement and guiding us as a team to help save the Loc community. It’s a blessing to be a part of the Loc Art Studio to share with the world the science of Locs, proper Loc maintenance, and organic natural health care. She is looking forward to being a part of your Loc journey. Thank you, for choosing Loc Art Hair Studio for your Loc journey.


Loc Art Team photos

Karlynn Lancaster

Who Dat Diva


Karlynn Lancaster has been in the beauty industry for the last 26 years.  She began her career in Cosmetology in the 80’s in her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana.  She attended L.E. Rabouin Vocational High School then completed her education at The Academy of Scientific Hair Design.  In 1998 she became the proud owner of her own salon, Upscale Hair Studio where she would spend countless hours mastering her style and business skills.   In 2005, she was tragically impacted by Hurricane Katrina which demolished her home and business.  This forced her and her family to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia.  She began working in salons in Stone Mountain and shortly after enrolled in Proway Hair School to further her education and acquire her Cosmetology Instructor license. Karlynn is a Master stylist and educator she specializes in color correction relaxer shortcuts and styles. Thank you, for choosing Loc Art Hair Studio for your hair journey.